Bümerang (pronounced Boomerang) is a student driven project to help you when you're in a pinch. It is a real-time, mobile sharing application that allows users to easily make requests to borrow things like laptop or phone chargers.

So, how does it work?

There are two pages, 'I need it' and 'I have it'. 'I need it' are items that people near you are currently looking for, 'I have it' are items that people are generously offering to lend out!

How do I request or offer something?

Simply click the plus button on the main screen and you will be prompted to enter the title of the request, a short description of the item, how far you are willing to travel to get it, and how long you need it for. The request will then appear in the 'I need it' page for others to see.

I'm scared someone will steal my things

Every request is attached to the users Facebook page and phone number. Only when both parties agree on an interaction are phone numbers exchanged.

Who made this?

Meet the people behind Bümerang

Mavis Brace


Mavis is the artist extraordinaire behind Bümerang's beautiful logo. She also loves dealing with Android fragments and UI.

Charlotte Fedderly


Worth approximately 1.6 million dollars, Charlotte has been the driving force behind Bümerang's data integration and connection of endpoints.

Conner Leverett


Conner likes to try and fix bugs and track what users are doing.

Tyler Potter


Tyler has played a leadership role in development and has passed on vast amounts of knowledge to the team.

Brady Schnell


Brady has implemented the notification system so users know somebody's got them covered. He will soon be applying for a position with Firebase.

Daniel Templeman


Users can securely log into Bümerang with Daniel's Facebook integration.